Sustaining Sound Theatre Company

Sustaining Sound

Mission Statement

The mission of Sustaining Sound Theatre Company is to support local and global causes through the creation and presentation of meaningful theatrical experiences.

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Phone: (310) 504-4132


  • Theater is a unique platform that uses the power of story telling to speak to people's hearts and minds.
  • Through the power of theatrical story telling, artists and audience members alike are empowered to make a difference.
  • Sustaining Sound artists desire to use their talents and passion for theater to make the world a better place.
  • The arts are most effective when passionate artists and performers pursue excellence at every point of the artistic process.
  • Sustaining Sound seeks to produce professional theatrical events where the performer is stretched artistically and the audience member is challenged to consider truth at a deeper level.
  • Partnering with non-profits enables professionals in the theater community to use their talents for something outside of the process of simply doing theater.



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